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1. We believe the Holy bible was written by men divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is the truth without errors and reveals the principles by which God will judge us. It is the true center of Christian union to believers Everywhere.

2. We believe that there is one true God existing eternally as creator of mankind, heaven and Earth. We believe in the "Trinity" of our sovereign God existing in three persons: God the Father as head of the trinity, God the son who is Jesus our savior and God the Holy spirit who is our guide: all divinely equal, all God. Genesis 1:26 "let US (trinity) make man in our image and likeness.

3. We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ: that HE (Jesus) was the word made flesh and that he is the mediator between God and man.

4. We believe that man was created in holiness under the law of his maker: man voluntarily fell from the holy and happy state through the sin of disobedience, thus all mankind became sinners. By grace through faith, Jesus is the only way by which mankind can be saved from the law of sin and death. Upon dying in Christ we wake up to eternal life those who die without Christ enter into eternal damnation. There is no middle ground

5. We believe that according to the gospel of (St. John) subsequent to accepting the gift of salvation the Holy Spirit indwells in a believer, leading and guiding them to all truth.

6. We believe in the ordinances of the church, that every believer of Jesus Christ should be baptized in the name of Jesus by submersion of water as an open confession of faith: being partakers of the Lord's Supper in remembrance of Jesus' death burial and resurrection.

7.We believe there is one baptism of the Holy Spirit by fire, and many in fillings. This empowers believers to walk in demonstration of signs and wonders, and is available to all believers: the initial evidence is speaking in tongues (but this is not the only evidence). (Acts 2:4)

8. We believe that Holiness is a lifestyle of consecration and worship unto God.

9. We believe in the glorified body resurrection of Jesus Christ: the ascension of Christ. His present intercession at the right hand of God. Jesus is coming back to earth and his appearance will be personal, visible, and per- millennial"

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